Double Score

Today I visited our joiner to check up on some Stackweave shelves in manufacture.  I noticed a rather large and rather new looking offcut of red carpet and was cheeky enough to ask about it.  Turns out it was destined for the dump so a kind lad named Nicolas was promptly instructed to load the 3.5 x 3.5 metre square into my people mover.  With winter rather too rapidly approaching (did we actually have summer yet?) I thought this might be welcome at the kids Kohanga Reo.  Though with no space at home to store such a monster offcut I had to go along tonight and install it myself.  Sabina came with me to keep me company and “help”.  It looks great and I hope to take a pic of it tomorrow with a roomful of tamariki doing their kanikani / kapahaka/ takaro upon it.

Score number two was the software bundle that came with our new Wacom Bamboo stylus tablet.  Photoshop Elements! Whoop Whoop!  I was just bemoaning my Photoshop wishes to Vanya last week and now I have everything I need to photo montage, type over pics (like in my custom headers) and much much more.  My geekish glee is freaking even me.

Night Night all! (Po Marie…)


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