Daily Dawn Antidote (Stovetop coffee tutorial)

Coffee is one of those things that requires a number of things to be right to add up to a good one. The beans, the grind, the pressure, the temperature, then – if you have it; the milk and it’s temperature, quantity, and puff.  I make our morning coffees while Justin does nappy duty, so I get to practice everyday.  We don’t have a coffee machine but use a stovetop espresso pot, and make milk using a heatproof jug, a hand whizz/ aerator and a microwave.  We used to use a Bialetti stovetop milk frother, but unfortunately I can’t be relied upon to constantly monitor heating milk, so my sweet skills are relegated to the microwave. Given our often early morning awakenings, the perfect coffee is our daily dawn antidote.


  • Stovetop espresso pot with a good rubber seal (these are replaceable)
  • Beans – We generally use Mojo, or Supreme on the domesticscene
  • Grinder
  • Milk – Blue top / Pastureised Standardised Homoginised
  • Microwave jug (I use a Luminarc jar)
  • Aerator or hand whizz

Turn your (electric) stove element onto HIGH to heat up. Or just wait if you are lucky enough to have a gas stove. Grind enough fresh beans to fill the filter of your coffee pot... and fill the coffee pot lower chamber with water. There might be a guideline in there, or if not fill until just below the pressure release valve.

Overfill the filter part with the ground coffee, then tamp/press it down and clean off.

Reassemble the water-filled coffee pot and place on the stove on HIGH. The coffee will bubble up and fill the upper chamber. You can carefully check to see if it is full but take care of bubbling hot vertically shooting coffee. Get out 2 coffee receptacles: glasses, cups, mugs...whatever.

Pour enough milk for the two coffees into the heatproof jug/jar. I'm using a 1 litre agee/luminarc jar so you can see this is less than half-full. Whizzing the milk gives it more volume so make sure your vessel is big enough to handle the whipping and heating volume increase. It needs to be more than double your quantity of poured in milk.

Now whizz/ whip/ aerate your milk. Don't overdo it, tempting as it is to do so. Then heat the aerated milk in the microwave for 2 mins, or trial out the temperature/ timing on your own microwave.

Once the coffee has fully sputtered out into the upper chamber, turn it off and pour some coffee into each glass, to suit the strength you want. This is a 4 cup maker so we know the approx measure to make 4 cups... though I think our glasses and shots are about double a regular cafe size.

Remove the heated milk from the microwave, then like at the cafe you need to scrape off/ remove the top airy milk froth. Remove all of the froth all until you get down to the crema, the creamy/ thick part of the milk. Then pour it into each glass.

There you have it. The 6am morning coffee. "DING DING ROUND 1!" To be rather closely followed by Round 2 about ten minutes later... Enjoy xxx


2 thoughts on “Daily Dawn Antidote (Stovetop coffee tutorial)

  1. Mmmm morning lattes…I do same thing every morning with the breakfast while K and A are throwing duplo around the lounge. So necessary!

    I used to do aerolatte milk in microwave until our battery operated frother broke, today it is fully manual with a pump-action frother I got in York and milk heated in pan on the stove. Still good.

    Enjoy that caffiene fix!

    • And don’t you think it is a nice time out for us in the kitchen? Hang on… did I just say time out In the Kitchen?!?

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