Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party

This afternoon we visited some friends at their annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party.  Though I didn’t know anyone other than the hosts my three made for quite a scene with their mini pancakes and free access to the berry bowls.  M and Q really know how to cater.  Their kitchen even has two separate ovens so that two people can flip pancakes without interfering with each other.  The waiting pancake mix was in a huge stockpot, and during the time I was there the two pancake flippers didn’t stop once – though they did sub in and out with other willing flippers.  There were two fillings tables: one for sweet which had the expected variety of berries, maple syrup, lemons and cream, together with some excellent but unexpected entries: cinnamon / sugar mix, mangoes with slivered almonds, sliced peaches and a variety of marmalades.  The savoury table featured mushrooms in sour cream with chives and nutmeg, spinach with ricotta, and cheesey potato mash.  These 3 fillings made for a killer pancake filler.  My fave sweet concoction was a rather simple one: lemon juice, cinnamon/sugar, blueberries and cream.  I could be tempted to repeat this on an upcoming weekend morning.


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