Garden Party Wedding (Friday night frocked)

A garden party wedding calls for a garden party frock.  This year I have not put much trust in the Wellington weather to deliver on it’s summertime promise, so forgive me for leaving the garden party frock decision to the last minute.

This week I picked up a sweet graphic print of white and bright yellow on grey from Global Fabrics, and since I recently hemmed the garden party tablecloth I had a fair idea that the wedding would have something of a yellow theme to match the promised lemon gelato.

So I busted out the Domesticscene puffy party tunic tutorial and with a few modifications I churned out a Friday night frock over a few glasses of pinot noir.  The mods were:

  • I made the back of the dress out of a single panel of fabric rather than two joined (= much faster but less shape)
  • I neglected to add any front pleats (= much faster but less shape)
  • To give the frock extra shape I added elastic to the neckline underneath the facing (that worked, but made it shorter)
  • I made a long and wide belt to wear up high in a back-tied bow (that worked too, but made it even shorter)

The result was quite a bit shorter than my previous puffy tunic, and the facings a little longer, but in the end I decided to wear it after all to the wedding.  The dress pictures aren’t great – Sabina (age 2)  took the full length ones here at home and we didn’t manage any full length pics at the actual wedding.  But you’ll get the idea, til the next time I wear it near a camera.

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