I have finally found a useful use for the formula spoons… They hold 15ml or 1 tablespoon so I have added one each to all my dried baking goods. Perfect for the daily breadmaking routine which I can now commence without hunting out my one tablespoon measure. They also work for the Ecostore auto dishwasher powder which calls for 15ml per load. PS this is my test post from iPhone with the WordPress app.


10 thoughts on “Spoony

  1. What a cool idea – cheaper than the tupperware scoops (and they are actual measurements). damn i have no babies now to do the same.

    • If you provide me your addresses I will reward your comment with a few scoops! I have plenty and add at least 2 per week to my “collection”…

      • thanks heaps Lou – i will private email you on fb – tell me how much the postage is and i will put the $$ in ya mama’s letter box

  2. Lou, do you want to do a swap? I’ll send you stuff (not sure what; I’ve got a ton of bay leaves, for instance) in return for some spoons – keen?

      • I’ll PM you my address on the twit (btw, I’m using my flatmate’s PC – I have a ton of catch up to do before I sleep; fingers crossed, my replacement power pack for the laptop will turn up tomorrow – what a rigmarole).

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