Ups and downs

I received a few concerned queries: All quiet on the scene? All good Lou? (Thanks for asking 🙂 ).  Well, it’s the opposite of quiet.

The kids havn’t quite shaken their sick-time night-time waking tendencies, and even if they each only wake up once that equals 3 times up for me.  Which last night meant 3 hours up and about the same the night before.  Throw in an early morning rise (5.30am) and that equals not many zzzz’s at all. The coffee can’t quite cut it this week.

It has also been a week of pretty much utter fabulousness: a garden party in Martinborough, dinner at the zoo, winewanker’s wine tasting event, Julia’s 40th birthday party and a lazy fish n chip Sunday with friends. I am lucky to be surrounded by fabulous people.

This week I have also started Te Ara Reo through Te Wananga o Aotearoa.  Though by trying to bypass year 1 I need to pass my “Recognition of Prior Learning” tests, which means dusting off the brain and proving I can speak on a topic for 5 mins in Te Reo Maori.  My next class is on Thursday and I really should prepare.  Our kaiako (teacher) encouraged us to think about our purpose this year.  I can tell she is the kind of teacher I really need.  I hope I am up to my challenge.

The spare nights at home have therefore been very thin lately, and now for my next admission:  any free time has been totally absorbed in reading the second of the Millennium books.  Lisbeth Salander has sucked me in again.  Katy totally predicted this when she loaned me books 2 and 3 of the Millennium series.  So don’t expect many posts til the damn books are finished.

Lastly, a funny anecdote.  On Sunday we were driving home around the bays after a glorious early evening dinner with Mike and Nikki.  The weather was warm and the car windows were down.  Between Taputeranga and Ohiro Bay, Sabina started to scream.  Her tantrum was massive and lasted all the way home.  She was so wound up that she couldn’t verbalise her problem.  Til we got home and wound up the windows she managed to (through choking sobs) convey that she swung her Poi out the window. E rere taku Poi… We returned around the bays yesterday but alas couldn’t find the Poi.  Oh well, I’ll have to make her another one.

Righto, time to bring in the washing, and hang out the next load before collect the kids from Kohanga and cooking their kai.  And with any luck I might be back with some decent posting sometime soon. I promise.


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