Weekday Mornings [Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli]

The Maranui crew have hitched a ride on the end of Summer with their new sidewalk deli, Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli in Lyall Bay.  Katy and I celebrated the opening with a flat-white (me), a latte (her) and a fluffy (Jimmy).  Lido and Annie were content to munch on my gingerbread men.  I returned a few times during the first week for morning coffee, and again on the weekend for soba noodle salad and a salami sandwich.  It’s a bit like being whacked in the face with a coffee bat drinking Havana coffee again – after so long on the Mojo, Supreme and People’s beans; but it could be just the kick I need to get going on the weekday mornings.

Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli

200 Queens Drive

Lyall Bay


8 thoughts on “Weekday Mornings [Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli]

    • Ha ha, a “fluffy” is what all the Wellingtonians give their kids to keep them happy in the cafes. It is just a cup of the frothed milk and, depending on the cafe (and the price) can be souped up with sprinkles, cocoa, marshmalllows, marshmallow chocolate fish and all manner of naughty treats.

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  2. Love your recent reviews on Welly’s finest cafes. I’ve yet to actually make it to the Diamond Deli, but hubbie picked me up a latte from there on Friday morning and it certainly hit the spot!

    Your blog looks awesome and I really marvel at how you do it all?! Do you actually sleep? x

    • Sarah Lee you are one to talk! And now you are also a mother of three and keeping up the blog too! See you at Houghton Park or the Diamond Deli one day!

  3. this place really knocks it out of the park- every time! it has become a regular on our list and is perfect every time! super nice folks, great service, and unbelievable food (that happens to be affordable)! thank you queen sally’s!

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