Toy Scorey [Trip to the tip shop]

On a quest to find old crates and things to use as children’s shelves (like here) Sally and I took the boys to the “Tip Shop” aka the Wellington Recycle Centre.  I didn’t find any crates or shelves but did come away with a bunch of toys for only $5 –  A ride on trike, and Incredibles doll with movable punching arms, a Buzz Lightyear, a gruesome action figurine and a shark.  The trike was $4, Buzz was a buck and the other toys were all in the bathtub labelled “Free Toys”.  Sally also dropped $5 and came away with an impressive box of loot.  All in all a good toy scorey!


6 thoughts on “Toy Scorey [Trip to the tip shop]

  1. Hi Lou, The crates are great aren’t they!I was lucky enough to find a couple of them at Whites, the ultimate recycle store in Hastings, and I added to them by persuading Zinc Plus in Thorndon to let me have a couple more, before they dealt to them. Good luck with the quest! Amanda

  2. That place is fantastic! I got my big mortar & pestle there, as well as a food processor, blender & two, count ’em, two deep fryers! It’s a treasure trove.

    • I had a look for some cast iron pans too with an eye to restoration, but alas they were all modern crappy things. I think I will return on a Monday – there must be better loot there after a weekend.

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