The blanket scene [my guilty bedroom secrets]


It was January 2005 and Justin’s birthday was drawing near.  At that time I was working at Athfield Architects on the edge of the hill in Khandallah.  At the bottom of that hill, opposite Rangiora Ave, was (but is unfortunately no longer) the delightful homewares store Wade House.  Up on a mezzanine, Wade House had a little tearoom, at eye level with the train tracks and harbour beyond.  They made soup and served various Pandoro delicacies, so it was to there that Emma and I would oft venture for lunch and a looksie downstairs.  It was also there that a certain black and white blanket by David Fussenegger caught my eye.  Situated on a sea chest near the entry doors this woven wonder got my heart racing. I thought about the dates to justify the purchase – aha – Justin’s birthday is drawing near!  So after a few more lunches and daily caressing of said blanket I finally bought the blanket, ching ching!

Part of the joy of a Wade House purchase was always the gift wrapping. Boy did those ladies know how to wrap! And never once stingy with the trimmings.

The Birthday arrived.   Upon receiving the gift Justin saw right through me.  He knew this blanket was not for him. Opps, shit.  So the blanket became mine, or one for the household, and Justin duly received a more appropriate present – some binoculars for spotting lines while snowboarding.

But the blanket story does not quite end there.


The blanket works well as a throw on the end of a large bed (as pictured) but it works *perfectly* laid out in full on a single bed.

At that time I didn’t have any children, but visions of two single beds with matching David Fussenegger blankets soon became a preoccupation of my mind.  I searched high and low and discovered that this was no ordinary DF blanket.  Most of the DF blankets (made in Austria) are fuzzy blankets in organic cottons with printed patterns.  Or they feature tufted relief, but my particular blanket with the drill bound edging was hard to find.  After a year or so searching I did find one, from Theme in Remuera.  She had apparently had it for years (!) and it was the last one in stock.  I could barely spit out my credit card number fast enough and waited with absolute excitement for the delivery to arrive (gorgeously packed, complete with a waffle weave black and white Theme teatowel thrown in) and several black and white chandelier cups (again thinking about future children!).  Ahhh, lovely! A matching set of David Fussenegger blankets for this vision of my future childrens bedroom! Is my life now complete?

Not yet.

So the blanket story does not quite end there.


It was late summer, 2006.  And I started thinking about winter.

These blankets will be fine in summer, or as an extra blanket in winter, but those beds will need some other sort of duvet or cover too, right? Again the vision of the bedroom took shape.  I started searching TradeMe for antique bedheads, and hit the shops to find the winter covers of my dreams.  Late that year in the pre-Christmas sales I came upon two black and white duvet covers at Household Linens in the charming “Boston Floral” print.  Ching ching! I was finally satisfied (though the duvets are a little girly…).

But the blanket story does not quite end there.


Sabina Arikirirangi.  Born at the end of July in 2007.  She was nearing 5 months old as Christmas approached – and though years away from sleeping in “the big bed” another duvet caught my eye.  This time a graphic animal print by House of Baddeck.  Ching ching! I bought it and called it her “Christmas Present”.  Come Christmas day the look that came across Justin’s face said it all. Another duvet cover.  What about the black and white ones?

Oh shit.  But everyone agreed it was supercute.

But the blanket story does not quite end there.


Thomasin Paerangi and Lido Ngakau.  Born in January 2009.  Twins.  That makes three children altogether.  Oh dear. I only have two David Fussenegger blankets! I think i’ll have to end my blanket story here.

For now.

And now you know some of my guilty bedroom secrets.


3 thoughts on “The blanket scene [my guilty bedroom secrets]

  1. Vanya! One of those children’s duvet is VERY colourful thank you very much! (hahahahaha)

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