Dreams came true

Recently Katy was lamenting the lack of single orange duvet covers on sale.  Her Jimmy really really wanted an orange one, his favourite colour.  “But Katy!” (I exclaimed) “We can make one!”  She rushed to round up her kids and bustle them off to Spotlight to find the orange fabric – “…But Katy” (I warned), “Jimmy will see the Bob the Builder fabric and want that instead!”  “Ha!” She replied, “I’ve already thought of that, I’m going to tell him that is not duvet fabric, it is curtain fabric!”.

Sure enough Jimmy did spy Bob, but he was also more than happy with the orange purchase.  In his excitement he gladly waved goodbye to his mum that Monday evening.  Katy pressed all the fabric while I got my kids off to bed, then I worked out the size and layout on the floor of the playroom.  The orange was not wide enough for the total duvet width so we centered the orange and added a white border of about 200mm, with a plain white cotton backing. I had heard about Jimmy’s evening eating of marmite sandwiches in bed, so although it took much longer and with more ironing, we turned in all of the seams to make the duvet extra strong and washable.  Katy was yawning pretty much full time as I (2 hours later) attached the poppers, and yawning even more when I decided to rethread the machine in orange thread to fix the top layer poppers.  But finally the duvet was finished and folded up ready for her to take home.

That night Katy and Aaron snuck it in to Jimmy’s room and put it on his bed while he slept.  The next morning he ran into their room and shouted “Oh thank you mummy I LOVE it!”  His orange dreams came true.


3 thoughts on “Dreams came true

  1. An orange fairy tale. Well done ladies!

    Hi Lou, I read your blog regularly and always mean to comment – so here it is. I´ve said it to Katy Mac many times – you appear to Superwoman! Love your time saving tips for dinner prep and your photos are fab!

    Greetings from Austria,
    (Another) Katie

  2. That is the most lovliest story and you two Mummys sure are the kindest. I don’t think Katy will ever forget the joy of making Jimmys dreams come true. He is such a lucky young chap!

  3. Even luckier after today. He got an orange t-shirt at The Wiggles to match his duvet!! Thanks again Lou. I washed it the other day and Jimmy waited for it to dry and wanted it straight back on.

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