Much ado about Easter

Last night Justin and I decided to Make a Song and Dance about Easter.  To invite the whanau and go crazy with the whare making it exceptionally and over-the-top fun for the kids.  Now I have heaps to do, cos there is much ado about Easter.


First up I wanted a bit of a theme, and I need look no further for party inspiration than over at Lil Magoolie.  For her recent 100 fan thank you post she included a downloadable crafty box, so the gingham ones are first on my To Do List.  I’m guessing either sugared almonds or our painted eggs will go in these.  Here is her image below:

Gingham is therefore the look.  I then ‘borrowed’ her colours and gingham style for my e-invites and whipped them out to the whanau last night.

Next up is the courtyard, we will have a little easter egg hunt, so I want to brighten up my bi-chromatic courtyard.  I have bought some stripey fabric in the gingham colours and will make some bunting tonight tomorrow night.

Then there are the eggs.  The painted ones. That’s on Sabina’s to do list.  Though I got a little concerned at her completion when she washed all of the paint off all of the eggs tonight and wanted to start them again.  I lamented my choice of washable facepaint to paint the eggs with!

Baskets. These could be good for the kids to collect up their eggs.  I don’t have baskets yet, so Mum if you are reading this please bring with you all of your baskets. Ta xxx


I will keep it rather simple and only do Hot X Buns, a few doz to be sure.  I might borrow Mig’s breadmaker too and do double dough quantities the night before.  Then I just need to get our Easter Egg hunt eggs and gold lindt rabbits.  Saweeeeet!


3 thoughts on “Much ado about Easter

  1. That sounds like SO much fun. I miss living near my friends and family. We sound a lot alike. I hope everything runs smoothly! Will be trying out your hot cross buns recipe too 😀

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