Relocatable Bunting Sampler

As part of my Easter preparations I set about making some bunting to brighten up the courtyard.  Normally bunting is fixed to a bias binding at the top, however since I wanted to try different arrangements of the bunting I decided to make it removable and thread each ‘flag’ into a string.  It was simple to make, like this:

  1. cut out diamond shapes from fabric (fold in half and cut out triangles)
  2. Fold each diamond together and stitch a triangle , leaving an inch at the top to thread through your ribbon or string
  3. Try out the different stitches on your machine (to make it a sampler bunting)
  4. Cut edges with pinking shears /zig zag scissors
  5. thread onto string or ribbon
  6. hang up, try out different positions for the flags
  7. Fix flags in place (if you want to) with pegs or paper clips


One thought on “Relocatable Bunting Sampler

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