Awa [River]

Awa is the Maori word for River.  You might have seen the word awa in a placename or river near you.  In Upper Hutt the river is known as Awakairangi.  Awa (river) Kai (food) Rangi (Sky).  When I was growing up there I heard that the name referred to the kai that flowed through the river after heavy rainfall, from the surrounding mountains, literally food flowing from the sky.  On Sunday we went to Kaitoke, a Regional Park north of Upper Hutt which we frequented often as kids.  Tributaries from Kaitoke flow down to Awakairangi, then on to Te Whanaganui a Tara (Wellington Harbour).  Earlier this year my cousin also named her new baby Awa.  Here is Sabina, throwing stones and wading her feet in the cold Awa.


7 thoughts on “Awa [River]

  1. WOW very interesting soooooo what we know as the hutt river is actually Awakairangi…. thanks also for breaking down the meaning in it. ooo and just realised that Bridge Park in T Park is actually Awakairangi Park.

  2. Kia Ora Ruihi

    He tino pai te site nei. Kei te pehea koe ? pehea ana koe tau karaihe, im really wanting to go back to classes and feel obliged to go back to Te Ataarangi, however how is Te Ara Reo classes going ?

  3. I actually feel a little homesick for Wellington reading your post! There is not much that I hanker for up here, but a beautiful cold crisp river is something special. Will have to make a trip when I’m in Welly in June.

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