Domestic Reo 011 [He huawhenua whero, he huarakau kowhai]

Kiaora ano

In this clip I am handing Sabina Arikirangi some red veges [huawhenua – hua from the ground – that are whero -red] followed by some huarakau kowhai [yellow fruit from trees].  She is doing some counting and also does a Karakia before eating a tomato.  I notice she starts counting from toru, and I put this down to her waiata whereby at the beginning they say “Toru, wha” before they start…

KUPU [Words we use]

Horopito / Capsicums [Could also say Pepa / Pepper]

Tomato / Tomato

Panana / Banana

Remana / Lemon.


Sometimes in this clip we use the “no… instead” structure.  It starts with “Ehara” [Not] and ends in “Kē” [Instead].

Eg:  “Ehara i te Tomato, he Horopito ”  That is not a tomato, it is a capsicum instead

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