Two of them, one of me

Lido Ngakau has just started to take some steps.  I wouldn’t call it walking just yet, but he can take a few quick steps, followed by a great lunge at me.  Here is a little reality bite, of me juggling Lido Ngakau & Thomi Paepae, late afternoon, grizzly and clingly, both wanting attention, cuddles, me.


4 thoughts on “Two of them, one of me

  1. Oh, learning to walk…so many tumbles and stumbles, bumped heads, tears…so much more complex with two! Just as well Mamas always have enough love and cuddles to go around. They are so darling your two, this is a lovely little snippet in all its honesty, thanks for sharing.

  2. Eeek – a sign of things to come!! Only missing part is the three year old also climbing your back. I seem to be constantly carrying all three of them…great blog…

  3. Oh Louise, you are an inspiration.
    Ka rawe!
    I watched your clip with a wry smile on my face – I so know that drill of the tired grizzlies.
    My version would be with a very hoha Mama!
    Hope to see you soon

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