Tricky Sticky

I have noticed Sabina trying to speak to me more in English lately, I think she just wants to practice that language too (since she does get Maori everyday at Kohanga).

Yesterday we visited Natalie from my Te Ara Reo class, to do some homework.   In reality we raided her very tidy whare and the kids smeared relish and honey all over the place.  Sabina was wiping up the mess and I used the word “sticky”.  Later at home Sabina was holding a chicken bone and she asked “Is it sticky?” I agreed it was quite sticky.  She then asked “Is it a stick?” Making language connections like that is so clever.  Tricky sticky.

2 thoughts on “Tricky Sticky

  1. You are amazing at your blog, Louise! I really enjoy popping in from time to time, and have it linked from my blog (which I feel guilty about not updating as often as I should!).

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