My koro and I [Ngarua Yates]

Earlier I posted about Pāpā during wartime.  But here are some pics of how I remember Pāpa.  I’ll be seeking out a few more of these, especially any with Pāpā building something, or in his shed.

That is me (above) eyeing up my Papa and Pāpā’s beers.  That is uncle Albert on the right, and a freshly dug hangi in the background.  Rotorua c 1979.

Above, I am on the left watching Pāpa teach Dylan Ngarua how to ride the bike.  I remember that balaclava well!   Upper Hutt c 1982

Mama with Dylan, Pāpā, Natasha, Dad and I

The Yates cuzzies with Pāpā and I on my 21st Birthday.  Im the one in the feathers.


3 thoughts on “My koro and I [Ngarua Yates]

  1. Lou, I can see a lot of Lido in the pic of Dylan with your family above (Dylan is resting on your mums knee). The pics are very cool!

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