Playing Rearranging

I strongly recall that when as I child I played with dolls houses, it was the furniture inside that I played with.   And now, Justin would tell you, not much has changed.  I rearrange the furniture at home on probably a weekly basis.  Though so far this week the playroom has undergone about 3 sets of rearrangements and tweaking this week, firstly due to the removal of the desk after Lido climbed on it to get to the computer, secondly to make a play-bench in the middle of the room, and thirdly to remove said bench thanks to overly cantankerous climbers.

Yesterday (while the makeshift bench was still in place) Sabina and I played with this old set of Playcentre furniture.  The pieces belonged to Emma, Jane and Justin, and today the names Emma and Jane (written with a reversed J) written with coloured pencil can still be seen on the bed-ends.  So soon these bits might make their way up to Waiheke for Maddie.

Justin was a bit disturbed to discover that the first time we played with these the only object of the game was rearranging the furniture, so now Sabina is also including these little fisher price people in our Playing Rearranging.


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