Chicken Pox Day 4 [Lido Ngakau]

Chicken pox. It aint fun.  It is a nasty old virus with a nasty bite.  We are at the end of Day 4 with Lido Ngakau, and I am waiting for the girls to succumb.  I’m hopeful that he is improving now, he seemed better today, less bothered by the sores, and, ewww, the blisters were not as pongy.

Here he is, Chicken Pox Day 4.


7 thoughts on “Chicken Pox Day 4 [Lido Ngakau]

  1. 😦 hope they disappear quick – I dread the day Elijah gets them although I would have rather him have them before he got to kindy

  2. ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!

    i had them when i was 15, during school C! would have much rather had them young as to not remember or have to go to school with scabs!!

  3. Oh poor Lido. He certainly has a good dose! I seem what you mean about the eye lids – that is mean!!

  4. Oh bless. He still looks a happy wee chap. Great pics too by the way. Oh and love Thomi’s heart top. K x

  5. poor little man 😦

    God it must be full on for your right now darling!

    Would love to pop in for a catch up when I’m next in town and your back to normal……!

    V xx

  6. OOh I feel so sorry for you. I got it with my 2 girls at the same time, it was awful and now I have to wait for my youngest and future bub to get it.

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