Good Jeans

I love jeans on little kids.  Really I do.  Especially the cutester little skinny jeans.  Here is Thomi sporting a few of her (my) faves.  The pumpkin patch skinnies look great while standing up, but considering what happens when she crouches down, well, I’m not sure these really are such good jeans…

(Credits: Thank you Aunty Tashy for the Hearts BabyGap top, Thank you Aunty Jane for the Pumpkin Patch skinnies – I know you gave them to Lido but they are unisex, and a big Thank you to Azra next door for the other two Pumpkin patch flower hand-me-downs)


2 thoughts on “Good Jeans

  1. She is the cutest thing. Can’t wait til Maddie (if she doesn’t grow too fast) gets a few of those super handme downs. She’ll be able to show of the builders crack with the best of them!

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