Noke [How to make an Earthworm: Tutorial]

With the kids being home sick (Ngakau with chicken pox, and the girls waiting for it) Kohanga phoned us to give me the curriculum that Sabina would be missing out on.  The topic is worms, and I was asked to make her a worm out of an old pantyhose.  I later collected the resources from Kohanga and this afternoon cracked into it.  Sabina was a bit dubious about it, probably because I gave it bloodshot eyes.  Do worms even have eyes? I guess if they do they would be pretty bloodshot with all that dirt in em.

Eventually she adopted the worm.  I asked what was the name of her worm “He aha te ingoa o tō Noke?”  She simply replied “Noke“.

Gather up old pantyhose, scissors, eyes, needle and thread, darning needle and wool, stuffing

Cut the legs off the pantyhose. Stuff a leg with stuffing. Tie end into a knot, then trim. Are you laughing yet?

Experiment with the different looks by moving the eyes around. When you are happy with their position, glue or double-side-tape them in place.Stick on the eyes.

Now secure on the eyes by making a net out of cotton. I used red for a bloodshot effect. Stitch loosely around a few times and knot it in the centre of the eye, then add more parts to your net to secure the eye in place. I'm not sure if this worm is cute or creepy.

Now stitch on some wool for the hair. You can see here the baby worm I also started, but abandoned after a failed eye operation.

Noki finally in their native habitat

Close up.


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