Te Ara Reo Māori wiki 9 [Tuhono]

This week we learned about Kupu Tūhono.  These are the “joining” words that link parts of a sentence, or more than one sentence.  You will hear these used liberally in conversational Māori, or when listening to interviews or speeches.  Here is a good link for short interviews in te reo Māori: Te Rourou, interviews by Ana Tapiata on Radio NZ National.  Tonight I listened to this one, firstly listening for tūhono then eventually tuning in to the actual kōrero: Ana Tapiata talks to Rahera Shortland about balancing quantity and quality of the Maori language. (duration:5′21″)

And anei ngā kupu tūhono.  We did a good exercise:  in small groups, one person starts a sentence, then the next person uses a kupu tūhono and adds another sentence, and so on for as long as you can stretch it out (while still making sense!).


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