He Honore [Karakia][Waiata]


17 thoughts on “He Honore [Karakia][Waiata]

  1. yeah i neeed the karakia that goes he honrea , and carrys on ?
    not just that little bit
    its for my maori homeowrkPLEASE help

  2. That is true if you were learning the reo and a part of Te Ataarangi. Then what they have written is right. Outside of Te Ataarangi we change the last line of what they rote to : i roto i tenei ra.

    The shortened form is also used as a tauparapra on the paepae when you stand.
    Heres a translation for what you have.

    All honour and glory to God
    Let there be peace on earth and tranquility
    Goodwill to all people
    forever and ever, Amen.
    God is my want, my need, my life.

  3. The version i know is:

    He honore. he kororia
    Maungarongo ki te whenua
    Whakaaro, pai e
    Ki nga tangata katoa
    Ake ake, ake ake, amine
    Te atua, te piringa
    Toku oranga

  4. i live in whangz and i went to kamo intermediate and was part of the kapa haka group it was the best time ever and i learnt this song on the first ever practis and it wasssss funnnnn 😉 xxxxxxoooooooooxxxxxxxxxx

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