Cardboard Cabin Fever

Chicken pox on kids doesn’t seem to go down well with people in public places.  Take the two mothers who arrived at the deserted park I had finally found for the kids to play in yesterday. I informed them that the kids had chicken pox, and I quickly  took the kids off the playground and went to swing them on the distant swings.   Even so, the 2 mothers conferred and quickly left the park.

So today we avoided parks altogether, and our first journey out of the house involved hopping in the car to collect big cardboard boxes for the purpose of making an indoor playhouse.  First stop Noel Leemings, where they let me into their big cardboard recycle bin and I found a 42 inch flat screen tv box and a sony stereo box, plus a few other pieces of folded card.  These all got bundled into the back of the people mover and once home we set about cutting windows and doors, joining the two boxes and decorating the house.  Unfortunately our ‘actual’ house also received a bit of the permanent marker treatment too (does anyone know how to remove it?)  But the kids loved their new hut and even after a few hours of playing there was no sign of cardboard cabin fever.


3 thoughts on “Cardboard Cabin Fever

  1. Lou, i’ll ask my mama what she did to remove sophies “artwork” from my walls and get back to you xx

    • ok finally i am getting back to you with mama’s tricks (must be years of practice with blairs “artwork” on the walls lol).

      she used jif and LOTS of elbow grease to get sophies “artwork” off my hall way.

      Good luck


  2. Hey Louise,
    have a look for Gumption. It’s in a little tub, its amazing stuff, should be with the cleaners in the supermarket
    good luck

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