Stools Rule [My thoughts]

Today I chanced upon MyVillaLife.  I posted Ann a rediculously long comment that really warrants a post of its own.  Stools.  Ann wants the tolix stools, in white.  I too tousled with the Tolix question a few years ago and arrived at the conclusion that the steel seat would be too cold in winter. Because we live in Welly. So I chose the see-through “Charles Ghost” by Phillipe Starck for Kartell. Not quite as see-through as they should be right now though, covered in fingerprints and floor food backsplash.  The eventual conclusion is I *should have* bought the Artek 60 timber stools.  Then they would have matched the mini-me version in the corner.  Anyway, stools rule (my thoughts).


4 thoughts on “Stools Rule [My thoughts]

  1. I have to agree with you there Lou. Love the see through, have even purchased a couple myself over the years, but I like the airtek ones a lot.

  2. Hi Lou… thanks for the visit and the ever so quick “reply” post. I like your thinking… artek are an option – the whole food/fingerprint smudges on the Kartell put me off as I’m domestically challenged. I blog to put off cleaning (good strategy so far).

    I like your spot on the web – I’ll sign up and be back for a longer look when my kids don’t need feeding! Ann x

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