Domestic Reo 16: Poi e

Back at this Patea and Poi-tutorial post I said I was not going to post the vid of Sabina with her poi swinging to Patea Maori Club and their 1984 NZ Number one hit “Poi e”.  I have finally changed my mind.  Here is Sabina age 2.5 doing poi to her favourite song, on C4. This song was NZ number one in the eighties and is experiencing a revival thanks to the film by Taika Waititi: Boy. Though some (such as my mother) would say that Poi e isn’t having a comeback, cos it never went away.  And now that she can sing the song I’ll try to capture that soon too.

An excellent background to the song by Ngoi Pewhairangi and Dalvanius Prime is given here.

Watch the original Poi e  here on YouTube

Watch the BOY version here on YouTube

Background to the Domestic Reo posts here

More Domestic Reo posts and Waiata here


One thought on “Domestic Reo 16: Poi e

  1. So so cute!! I especially love the walking while poi spinning.

    I agree with Maude tho – Poi E NEVER went away, I love that song!

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