My little Kina

This week we have been working on a new haircut for Lido.  I say “this week” because this is a haircut in stages, and I still do not think I am done.  It started with scissors, but I quickly realised that this would take rather more skill than the bob cut Sabina recently received.  Eventually I decided it would be best to use clippers, so I borrowed some from my bro and set to it.

The spiky sea egg known as “Kina” was the name applied to buzz cuts when we were kids.  Despite my experience giving loads of kina cuts to my brother over the years,  Justin took the reigns for the first attempt on Lido Ngakau, managing to get only the sides done before the wriggling got out of control and the whole operation had to be called off.

The next day I tried again, with marginally more success.  I managed to whip off the mullet we had left on him the day before, but again Lido got a little bit ‘hoha’ with the whole experience and started his wriggling again.  So now he has a ‘short back and sides’ with some unskilled scissor work to the fringe from the day before.  The girls at Kohanga think he looks a lot more like his Papa now.  So watch this space. Eventually he will be my little kina.


One thought on “My little Kina

  1. This weekend was the weekend of haircuts as well! The family gathered on the Cape, and Tim was giving Steve a buzz with the clippers.

    Steve: “OW that hurts!”
    Tim: “Shut up.”

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