This pre-gifter

Do you remember the Sienfeld episode about the re-gifting?   Elaine accuses Dr Tim Whatley of being a “regifter” after Jerry receives a present (a label maker) that Elaine had previously given to Dr Tim Whatley.  Sienfeld also featured “de-gifting” – the act of demanding a gift back after giving it.  Thanks for the memories Wikipedia.

We have a third variant. It is pre-gifting.  Ie. Buy the gift. But don’t give the gift.  And eventually use the gift and never give it.

We have gifts here, ungiven.  Bought for the recipient, for sure, but they have not actually made it to the recipient.  Opps.  In some cases the presents are still wrapped.  Like in 6 month old Christmas wrap.  Or 18 month old Christmas wrap. Or 4 month old wedding wrap, covering the Bialetti espresso maker that I really want to open and use myself.  But. Some are opened.  Some are well in use in the household and will never be enclosed in wrapping paper again.  Such as the Soda Stream.  And the set of one dozen sorbet spoons from Next which are woefully reduced in number now to only 2.  Some are still unwrapped, yet unused such as the red roasting dish with cover.  I did manage to send the 2010 The Kiwi Diary to my sister in London last month for her 2009 Christmas present.  Tardy.  I mean really, who sends a diary in May? To London? She has only half a year left to use it! And she probably already had started another diary by then! Ditto I have a baby jacket to send to Caro in the states.  There is no way progeny of Caro will fit this jacket now.  I cringe.

Such is the guilt of this pre-gifter.

2 thoughts on “This pre-gifter

  1. Oh I love it! I’m sure the thought counted so why not rip into it yourself? *laughing* P.S Mmmm sodastream…

  2. Don’t we sometimes do that thing where we buy the gift secretly HOPING we will be able to just keep it for ourselves? I was quite the pre-gifter in a past life…right now it doesn’t happen so often…but I too am guilty. And Sodastream…we were talking about that the other night when our friends were impressing us with their stylee soda siphon – apparently Sodastream never hit the US market. Poor them!

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