Civic square triptych [rainy day hangouts]

Saturday morning started with coffee at Nikau Gallery Cafe.   The double buggy didn’t fit in the doors, so we waited outside and the kids convinced me that next stop was the ‘The Playground” at Capital E.  The Playground is a mysterious free room filled with indoor toys and activities for the kids.  It is completely free, and while I have been there at times when it is packed with kids, many times we are the only family in there.

After the Playground we went to the City Gallery to see the John Pule paintings, and to see (again) the video triptych by Lailani Kake, Tino Rangatira tanga.  Sabina asked many questions and gave some commentary during the video “This is a karakia, then they will waiata.”…  “That is mamae”… “Kei te tangi ia”.  Lido and Thomi just stare at the screens, mesmerised.  We ate lunch at Clark’s in the Central City Library and Sabina continued asking about the things she had seen in the Gallery.  Later, at home, she asked to do a John Pule painting and she only used black.

When Justin returned home on Saturday night, she told him about her day and asked to do everything again the next day, to show him.  Sunday, raining, Sabina remembers to ask to return to the Gallery.  We arrange to meet friends and again head to Civic Square.

The Playground, the City Gallery and the Central City Library, the great civic square triptych.

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