The Weetbix Wipeup [Baby wash cloth Tutorial]

I definitely did not photograph the old baby burp cloths before throwing them all away today.   Rather stained now with the daily hammering they receive in their role as face washcloths at the kitchen table, I made the last lot when Sabina started eating solids.  So 2 and a half years later it was well past time for a new lot.  With improvements.  Larger, softer, and black; to hide the baked bean stains.

So here is my superfast tutorial to whip up a dozen or so at a time.  I wouldn’t recommend measuring or anything, in fact I have put a LOT of thought into making this process as hassle free and quick as possible.  I have (for the first time) figured out how to do this as a downloadable instruction.  All going well it should be an A4 PDF.

Then test.  Justin rubbed one of my face.  “Ouch” I recoiled. ” That was rough!  I’ll do it to you next!” So I did, with about as much pressure as I would normally use to wipe up a face full of partially dried up porridge or Weetbix.  “Ouch!!!” .  No wonder the kids wriggle about so much when I wash them down.  Tomorrow they’ll get the new and improved soft and gentle Weetbix wipeup.

See above or Download here:  domesticscene_burpcloth copy


4 thoughts on “The Weetbix Wipeup [Baby wash cloth Tutorial]

  1. I need to see the photo, I am pretty lost in this sewing instruction…I thought u were making a face cloth, 25×25..?

  2. Love the stitching plan. I am still using some old muslin nappies K wore when he was newborn as wipecloths…looking a bit grim now. But we also have some super soft bath cloths my Mum made and I am attempting to replicate them for an impending baby shower, had been daunted by the mass-production process, this is genius! Am off to stitch up rows on some Japanese muslin Akira’s Mum gave me, I have three bolts of it…should do the trick now you have given me a method. THANKS.

    • yay Fiona, glad to hear I can help. My previous method was the one at a time method, til I came up with this quick method! Good idea for baby showers too, I am surrounded by new babies at the moment too x

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