Ugly Hottie [Hot water bottle cover tutorial]

Normally I give the Polar Fleece aisle a wide berth at the fabric store.  About as wide as avoiding a Polar Ice cap say.  But this week I went on a mission to buy hot water bottles.  In fact it was a speed mission, since I ordered lunch burgers at Offbeat Originals, then raced around the corner to Iko Iko, and then on to Amcal, to check out their hottie wares.   Iko Iko had some cool but tiny hotties, complete with woolen knit heart decalled covers, about $25 each.  They had another $30 model too.  Since I was looking for Sabina and myself I thought these tiny heart hotties would indeed be cute for her, but I wondered how long do they remain warm, being so tiny?  I wanted a bigger one.

Next stop was Amcal.  They had cheapie rubber hotties for $9, and a kiddie model in the $25-30 range.  It seemed like the kiddie model was made from a nicer rubber, which did not disintegrate (rubber hotties should be replaced 2 yearly or at signs of wear).  They also sold little polar fleece jackets for about $15.  They were covered in a kiwi print, and I thought they were pretty ugly.  So I thought I would make a simple version myself, but I too have succeeded in making a very ugly cover, and you can too.  It starts like this: purchase some polar fleece in your daughters favourite colour… then follow the instructions below to make your own ugly hottie. [Total cost of polar fleece for 3 covers was $6]

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