Hugs and Bugs

On Friday morning Thomi’s eyebrow keenly met the wooden toybox and we went to the ED to get it patched up.  Not long after returning home she started vomiting and was inconsolable.  I decided to go back to the hospital again.  I was so concerned about her rapid decline I  left the house WITHOUT first cleaning up the sick throughout the cot and all over the floor (which was not so nice later on).    I also collected Justin from work.  Throughout the course of the afternoon we tried to reduce her soaring temperature.  It turned out she had an ear infection too.  We  left the hospital in the late afternoon after Thomi finally returned to her natural charming self, grinning cheekily at the ED doctors and nurses.

The next day Sabina and Lido showed signs of being sick, so everyone all stayed in over the weekend.  Besides it has been raining. A lot.  Although Thomi was largley un-putdownable all weekend, Justin led a massive springclean, and I busted out the sewing machine while the kids slept.  I also started Rewena Bug #5 (Variables: less potato, not a fancy potato, and moved the position of the warmer).  Finally, Justin also succumbed to whatever bug has taken over the children.  At least I am still well, so far.  A weekend of hugs and bugs.


9 thoughts on “Hugs and Bugs

  1. Gosh I was unaware Thomasin sucks her thumb!!! I’ve never seen her do that before!!! I wonder where she got that from???

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and the littlies today. xxx

  2. Your Mum just gave me this web site, you are one clever young lady, your children are beautiful and a credit to you and Justin, love going thru and looking at all the photos, poor little Thomasin, hate it when the kids hurt, keep up the good work Louise, LOL Rebecca

  3. Poor poor Thomi! Horrible having sick/hurt kids any time, ghastly to have to go to the ER with them – and then all get sick yourselves, hope the bugs stay away from you. Thinking of you all, hope you mend soon!

  4. Hope you all get over the bug soon.

    Did they use a scalpel to do the blood test? Her arm looks almost as bad as her head…..

    Hugs to all.

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