Te Ara Reo Maori wiki 16 [Can /Cannot]

This week we had a “one-day wananga” – one of 4 full day (Saturday) courses throughout the year.  This was our second wananga, and tonight we revised the 3 main things we learned in the one day wananga.  The first one was Can and Cannot – Ka taea and Kaore au e taea.  These are used to describe when one physically can or is able to do something, or cannot do something.  The structures are as follows, beginning with “Ka” which is not related to tense.

Ka taea e au te hikoi = I can walk

Kaore e taea e au te rere = I cannot fly

Ka taea e rātou te kanikani = They can dance

Kaore e taea e mātou te haere atu ki Rotorua = We cannot go away to Rotorua


One thought on “Te Ara Reo Maori wiki 16 [Can /Cannot]

  1. Kia ora , I really enjoy your reo lessons, and I love the layout of your lessons & site, the pictures, lettering, there is something old-world-circus-not-sure-but-really-cool about it all.

    Ka kite ano

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