Glass Jars

I really like the jars that come with the Five Brothers pasta sauce.  For me it seems like getting free sauce when you buy the jar.  The jars have embossed measurement markings and fruit decals on the sides.  And unlike lots of branded jars the stickers come off easily.  I discovered these jars also fit perfectly into the spice rack inside my pantry, so the jars now hold the teabag varieties, the pens, the coins and other  randomness.  But all good things usually come to an end, as Justin discovered last week while shopping; because there is a “New Round Jar coming soon”.  I like the square jars just as they are.


4 thoughts on “Glass Jars

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  2. How did I miss those? The measurements on the side of the jar are genius. The square shape’s cool, too – any fool can have round jars.

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