hieroglyphic happiness

In the evenings, once the little kids are in bed, we get some one on one time with Sabina. It is a precious half hour to her, she gets to decide on an activity to do for a while before her book and bedtime.  Sometimes she wants to read lots of books, or play a board or card game.  Or do a painting, or put her toy babies to bed.  Or stand on her toy bench and chant waiata and swing her poi.  It is during this time that I sometimes record our Domestic Reo clips.  Often she wants to do drawing and writing, she asks about letters and wants me to write her name, or the names in our family on her paper.  “S for Sabina, T for Thomi.”  Then she sets about making her own little marks and symbols on the paper, half an hour of hieroglyphic happiness.


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