Milk made

After ditching the baby bottles and reigning in the formula milk fiasco recently, the kids have been eating WAY more breakfast.  They wake up and demand to go downstairs to eat, immediately.  Sabina (who can get up when she hears the alarm clock) comes in and shouts at me to go and make Papa a coffee.  Because coffee equals breakfast and they are all hungry.

They consume huge bowls of Weetbix or Muesli or both, guzzled down with lots of Milk.  “MMMM, MMMM” says Lido, motioning at the bottle of milk, wanting more with his fourth weetbix.  In the evenings, the kids dinner is followed by banana weetbix smoothies, between the three of them drinking two half agee jars of smootie.  Together with our milky coffee consumption, the family will use nearly 3 litres of milk every day.

So last week I switched the kids over to powdered milk for their breakfast and smoothies.  They get their milk fix and we don’t have to go without our milk because I forgot to buy enough.  They didn’t seem to notice any difference in taste, I guess they are used to their milk being made from powder from the recent formula days.  And they see me make yoghurt from powder and add various powders to the daily bread.  Thomasin gets ridiculously excited watching me shake it up.  She stamps her little feet and trips over herself running back to the table for more.  So it scores high on the cuteness factor as well as being a lot cheaper too.

But Justin got suspicious when I made his coffee with it.  His flat white was too flat and he wondered why.  He stopped drinking mid gulp when I admitted it was made from the white stuff.  It is ok for the kids, but that’s not how he wants his milk made.


  • The instructions call for 3 cups of cold water to 1 cup of powder (I add 8 tablespoon scoops to a 750 ml bottle)
  • A wide neck bottle is good, big enough to to accept your spoon or scoop.  I use a pasta passata sauce bottle.
  • Formula spoons are ideal for measuring, they hold 15 ml,  1 tablespoon
  • The flavour and texture apparently improves with chilling overnight


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