Yoghurt features

The kids have nearly perfected smoothie drinking such that it no longer misses the mouth ending up down the tops, onto the trousers and then onto the floor.  But after a few weeks off yoghurt the kids need to relearn their sweet spoon skills to improve upon their after-dinner yoghurt features.


2 thoughts on “Yoghurt features

  1. Oh, right now K is the messiest he has ever been, and that is in the middle of a fastidious phase where he mostly wants us to feed him cos he can’t bear to touch his food! (Lots of chewing and spitting…ewwwww) Thankfully he is naked most of the time due to the heat, not sure WHAT I will do when he has to eat and wear clothes. You are wonderfully and inspiringly relaxed about this I see. I keep telling myself it will get better eventually…

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