Crumbs [Spaghetti and Meatballs]

This week has had something of a crumb theme.  Yesterday at Moore Wilson they had a man in the fishmarket crumbing tarakihi fillets with Panko crumbs.  The crumbs are really light, in fact they even get a bit squashed being wrapped up in the fish paper, but even so they made for an easy change for dinner.

And with my copious bread making I always have lots of crusts on hand to make home made crumbs.  I made some spaghetti with meatballs/ rissoles, crumbing the meatballs were in my homemade crumbs.  The crumbs are pretty big since I don’t have a proper whizz, only a k-mix stabmixer.


Whiz bread crusts and bread slices to form crumbs.  Remove then whizz 500 grams lean beef mince, an onion, some pasta sauce (or indeed any type of chutney or tomato sauce) and a squirt of worcester sauce.  Add some salt and pepper, then remove the minced mixture and form into balls.  To crumb the balls, roll first in flour, then into a whisked egg, and finally roll about in the breadcrumbs. Brown the rissoles in olive oil on a hot non stick surface, then transfer to a 180 degC oven for say 20 mins while you cook the pasta and heat up the sauce.

When I am feeling industrious we make pasta sauce like this, but our cupboards are bare of the homemade so I was lazy with the sauce, more five brothers in the mason jars, with a tin of cherry toms thrown in.

The kids LOVE these cold the next day for lunch so I always make a heap.


5 thoughts on “Crumbs [Spaghetti and Meatballs]

  1. I can’t see a rissole without hearing ‘what’s this darl?’. Who would go out when they get that at home? That’s what I want to know…

  2. Panko’s great – we use it a lot at work because it’s so light, and makes for good texture. Your rissoles look tasty!

  3. Lou,

    For your breadcrumbs do u do em fresh or toast them first??

    i dry bake a whole roasting pan full for about 1 hour on about 75 oC.

    then i put them in batches and pulse them in the food processor.

    when i finish pulsing them all i put them all BACK in to the roasting pan to dry bake them again for about 1/2 hour.

    Put them again through the food processor,

    last lot i made just over a kg!! guna last us awhile.

    i might try your rissoles next week they look yumo


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