Maori Bread in the Breadmaker

After finally making Rewena in the Le Cruset in the oven, I made up some more bug by adding 2 cups of flour, some warm water and a tablespoon of sugar to the existing half cup of bug I had retained.  For two days I fed the bug more warm water and a tablespoon of sugar to maintain fermentation.

Once I had enough bug I attempted making Rewena (Maori Bread) in the breadmaker machine.  It was really simple although I have had to experiment with the cooking times.

To the breadmaker pan add:

3 cups of flour

2 cups of rewena bug (remember to reserve a cup or so of your bug to make the next one)

1 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt (or half teaspoon salt)

Put the breadmaker onto the longest setting you have, for my Sunbeam that is the French setting, four hours.

At the first beep check that it has enough moisture, if not, add some warm water.

Once it comes out wrap it in a wet teatowel until cooled down.

Build up your reserved bug again as before, or refrigerate it until you need it next.  You will need to warm it up a couple of days in advance and feed it up again.


Post 1 – Gathering

Post 2 – Starting the bug

Post 3 – Bug Issues – Troubleshooting

Post 4 – Cooking it (in oven)

Post 5 – Cooking it (in Breadmaker)


6 thoughts on “Maori Bread in the Breadmaker

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  4. So what did it taste like??? Did Aunty Orsonga’s recipe use sugar?? Well at least you can make a smaller version at times if you wish.

  5. Kia ora e hoa, thank you for your journey into te ao o te Rewena bread, lovely posts I have been prompted to enter into the realm of starting my own bug. Many years ago I tried and failed I am feeling the flow of my kuia to begin once again the therapeutic practice of our comfort kai… nga mihi e hoa… tena koe

    Naku noa na,

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