The real book deal

The kids are bookwreckers.  Maybe my mum and dad held back the books til we were older or something, because some books they kept in good nick for thirty years or more look seriously worse for wear after only a year here.  Our Hungry Little Caterpillar book given by Sam and Katherine when Sabina was born is still in working order, though it has taken a bath and the resulting dried out book has swelled to twice its original thickness.  The noisy little cricket book is now torn in two, and ironically we can now fiddle with the noisy device to make the cricket chirrup.  It never did work properly when the book was in tact.  Then there are the books that just have not survived the fights and snatching between Thomi and Lido.  Lido still loves the books in the separate parts and will give just as much attention to a ripped off cover as he will a full book.  I guess as they get older they will take more care (like Sabina does now), but for now this is our real book deal.


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