Make a wish [the Wishbone balance bike]

Sabina was stoked with this birthday kotahi tangata koru wishbone bike.  When she unwrapped it she exclaimed “He pahikara! Orite i a Sophie!” (A Bike just like Sophies!).  And she loves the Koru design on it. Here is a clip about the design:

Not long after putting it together we loaded the kids up and shot down to the bay to take the bike for a spin.  The babes are just as excited about it and Lido especially is loving waddling around the whare on it (when his sisters give him the chance).  Hmmmm, I see a couple more of these bikes will be required in the not-too-distant future.

I originally thought to get a two-wheel-only version from another company, but the guy at Burke’s Cycles in Kilbirnie totally sold me.  He said that a 3 year old could only totter about on a two wheeler (fun as that may be), but put a kid on a Wishbone bike and they will really start riding it as soon as they are on.  In June the store had 8 bikes on back-order, but they had a Koru pattern version that a customer had changed their mind about it.  In stock, Koru pattern, Sold!

How much do i love the wishbone website?  It is freakin Awesome.  Drag the menu around, post a coment, too cool. Ka rawe!

You can also check out the bike designs here on Lil’magoolie.

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