Domestic Reo 17 “Kei a wai?” [Shapes, nga āhua]

It has been a while since I posted one of these.  Today I brought home some old kēmu [games] from Kohanga Reo to sort them out and fix them up.  The game is called “Kei a wai” and is in fact easy to make yourself at home using photos or the computer.  The game is basically BINGO, Kei a Wai? means Who has it or who is it with.  In the first game we play Kei a Wai Shapes, then in the next one (Domestic Reo 18) we play it with Situations and Positions.

The “sided” shapes are named by “Tapa + the number of sides”  Eg a Triangle is a Tapatoru.  A pentagon is a Taparima.  An equal square has the word equal added, eg 4 equal sides “Tapawharite”, while a rectangle could either be simply “Tapawha”, or a long rectangle “Tapawharoa”.  Most names will have variations too either in dialect or in a different word entirely.  Eg Porohita/ Porowhita or Moon instead of Crescent.  Here are some shapes:

See here for the intro and background of these Domestic Reo clips.

See here for more Domestic Reo clips

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3 thoughts on “Domestic Reo 17 “Kei a wai?” [Shapes, nga āhua]

  1. Just letting you know that you have spelt ‘taimana’ wrong….you have the ‘i’ and the ‘a’ round the wrong way…love this game though…i use it at work and home

  2. This is fantastic! I love it so much. I’m graduating my ECE diploma in two weeks time and my goal for the next year is to learn Maori. It is a beautiful language.Ka Rawe.

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