New neighbourly [Meringue Icing for cupcakes]

This weekend we have new neighbours moving in across the road.  I thought to send them over some cupcakes, or at least make some, and if by the time I spied them I was still in the mind to venture over for introductions, the cupcakes would accompany me.  Normally I just make an icing sugar and butter icing, but being out of icing sugar I looked up an egg-white icing and found the following recipe from a TradeMe message board.  I omited the salt (because I forgot) but it still turned out ok.  Pretty full on icing I might add, very sweet and intense – it is all about the icing and probably less about the cupcake transporting it.

“Swiss Meringue Butter Cream”
Four egg whites
150grams sugar
pinch salt
Put the above into a bowl over a pot of simmering water.
Stir constantly and rapidly to prevent egg from cooking, until the sugar is dissolved. This took probably less than a minute.

Pour into cake mixer and whisk until smooth and glossy, like a meringue. Allow to cool.

Soften (not melt) 250gm butter, add to meringue, little bit of vanilla, whisk until it’s smooth and creamy (it looks curdled at first, but keep going).

Food colouring can be added or just use it with this natural butter cream colour.  I put it into my Tupperware Squeeze-it to pipe onto the cupcakes.

And before the kids woke up I actually sat down to enjoy one on my own with a cuppa.

13 thoughts on “New neighbourly [Meringue Icing for cupcakes]

  1. they look lovely and very very yumo!! i too have the tupperware squeeze it machine (well i did not buy it, i pinched it from mums along with heaps of other things she does not use/want), its fab. I use it for heaps of things; fancy mashed potoatoes, putting cream in brandy snaps, icing (of course)

  2. Mmmmm – delish! We had new neighbours move into our duplex last week and I baked them a coconut loaf…then they didn’t come home until 11pm, so I ate it! Hehe…nevermind, it is the thought.

  3. Yes the cupcakes were absolutely divine. Louise please order me a squeezy gadget at your party & let me know the cost. Thanks. xxx

  4. The Tupperware Squeeze it is NZD$30.80. I am having a Tupperware Party on Sunday so I can order one if you want… just message me back 🙂 (also good for mashed potato like Sarah said…)

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