“Get Back to your oven!”

On Monday I tried to go to the Wairarapa but there was snow on the Rimutaka ranges.  We instead stopped to visit Nana in Upper Hutt, and we together went “up town” to check out the Mall and also the Hospice Shop.  We picked up this little ex-toy-library little tikes kitchen bench for $3.  It has an oven on one side with a working door and oven tray, and on the other side there are cupboards.  The kids were thrilled with this purchase and fought over the oven all afternoon.  Eventually they figured a sort of system whereby one played with the cupboards while the other played with the oven.  I tried to join in with their game, but Sabina just yelled at me “Get Back to your oven!”


One thought on ““Get Back to your oven!”

  1. Oh Sabina was so cute, she held her $3 in one hand & the oven in the other hand & walked up to the woman at the counter & gave over her money. The lady bagged up her purchase & Sabina carried it back to the vehicle. Not once did she complain about carrying it or the heaviness of it. She was so amazing because it was certainly heavy.

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