This week I decided to copy one of the skirts given to us by Valeria.  Sabina totally loves to wear this skirt so I figured duplication might be a go.  At first I made a little Thomi sized test one in one of my fabrics, but Sabina was rather put out that the fabric wasn’t red and spotty.  I guess she expected an exact copy.  So I took her to Spotlight yesterday and she picked out 3 fabrics.  I bought a metre of each $5.99/m) and spent the afternoon ripping and ironing while the kids played at my feet.  I had to hem everything because unlike Valeria I do not have an overlocker/ serger.

Finally last night I put it all together, mixing up the fabrics into each skirt.  Alas the pix I took along the way look crap in the night light so this is not yet a proper photo tutorial.  Here is the skirt anyway, I figured that I would get at least 4 or 5 of these skirts out of the fabric.  The strips for the pleated parts are 15cm x 110cm (width of fabric) and the base which they are attached to is 35cm x 75cm.  I made a 1cm folded hem at the bottom edge of the strips, and a 1cm bottom hem for the skirt base with a wide 3cm hem at the top to fit the elastic through.  I think I will remake another one and try to get better photos for a tutorial soon.

When we were kids we called these skirts Ra-ra skirts, and though I have seen them return to the shop shelves lately I have no idea what the “kids” call them now.  To me they are still Ra-ra.

The Original ra-ra by Valeria


7 thoughts on “Ra-ra

  1. Great choice of fabric Bina!

    Love the black boots and top combo too.

    How you manage to sew with three of them with you I do not know!!!

  2. How does Sabina choose such great fabric? Kate always wants to pick the tackiest, uglest one!?!? Adorable skirt.

    • ummm, didnt you see the pink polka dot poi fabric she chose? i was nudging her to another one i promise! but yeah she did well with these ones! I thought she would only want red with white spots again – so unpredictable!

  3. WOW what a great job u make em seem so easy – i should try and make one – whats the worst that can happen – i throw it away lol

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