Such a star

Last night at Sabina’s bedtime I asked her to fetch her nappy.  She refused.  Since turning 3 a few weeks ago she ditched the daytime nappies and now it seems she deems it the right time to ditch the night nappy too.  With rising excitement she went to the toilet a LOT of times before bed in anticipation of the night with no nappy.  It worked out pretty well, really.  We didn’t get her up at all but she did wet the side of the bed once, she was half way out of the bed so I guess she was still half asleep and must have been operating in slow motion.  Today she complained about not being fast enough, but she wanted to try again tonight.

Given her springing it on us we were also not prepared with spare sheets or anything last night, so today I remedied that and tied it in with a wee treat for her following a great tweet from the GrowFromHere ladies on the corner of Cuba/Webb Street: “The willingness is worthy of celebration regardless of the outcome – treat her to a “big-girl” thing tomorrow”. We went with Thomi and Lido to Moore Wilson this afternoon and bought a step stool to help her get up to the toilet and also some new “star” sheets to celebrate this new phase.  It actually turned out to be a crazy mission with her throwing a tantrum in the Moore Wilson display bed which happened to feature a gorgeous duvet with an $82 price tag – and she wanted it, badly.  The babes also distrubted the stepstool stock widely throughout Level 1 with me frantically following behind tidying up.  Finally we escaped with screaming soundtrack with only the sheets and one stool and returned home to start the dinner/bed/bath/bed and now toilet routine.

But despite the tantrum at MW she really is such a star.


2 thoughts on “Such a star

  1. Awesome (apart from the tantrum – I feel your pain x). Wishing her all the very best! My gals did the same and simply said they’d had enough of night nappies and ditched them around the same age. A potty close to the bed can be helpful for night time – just needs to be emptied promptly in the morning!

  2. Well done Sabina! Gemma was fully toilet trained for ages from about 2.5 – but for the last 6 months she has been wetting the bed nearly every night after about a year of staying dry. We are totally bamboozled!

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