Piri Paua

Dr Richard Ferber describes in his child sleep book how a parent can wake instantly to important stimulus such as a baby crying, yet sleep through non-important stimulus like car noise or the cat next door. Babies gagging on vomit is one such noise in the former category, not a welcome sound at all, yet one that will have you lurching yourself abs first out of bed while your groggy mind is left somewhere back on the pillow. Lido is sick, with some wort of vomitty bug. It is nasty and he is exhausted and floppy. He emptied the contents of his stomach late last night and had me flying into his room at the merest gagging sound throughout the rest of the night.

All of this came after the bizarre situation we were faced with pre-dawn yesterday morning – Sabina came into our room before 6am to inform us that Lido was naked. Indeed he was, and so was an almost naked Thomasin, standing up in their cots with their clothes and nappies and all blankets/ pillows discarded about the bedroom.

So today Lido is listless and floppy, a little cling on with not even his usual energy to protest at having socks, tops and pants put on him. He is a little cling on, or in Maori, a piri paua.


3 thoughts on “Piri Paua

  1. Oh the poor little Piri Paua. I’ve recently had first hand experience of being roused and into action by that vomitty gagging noise too – yucky and mucky! There is also a stomach bug going around Waiheke. Maybe its going around the whole country?

  2. Oh, poor poor Lido. Get well soon little pop…and stay healthy Mama and Dada and the other wee ones…vomiting is THE worst thing on earth I think. Thinking kind wellness thoughts your way!

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