Get well soon

Lido spent the morning in hospital with dehydration following day 5 of gastroenteritis. I was advised to give him 10mls of electrolytes every 5 minutes. That is a hard thing to do when he actually does want to eat food or asks for “mooore more mama?” after sucking up his ten mls.

The rest of the time he lies limp on my shoulder, either silent or whimpering. Thomi occasionally battles for a turn up there herself, pushing Ngakau aside and pleading with watery eyes and a sad mouth. But mainly she is happy today, far better than yesterday and faring much better than her twin.

To kill 10 mins mum and I took the kids for a spin around The block and bought coffee at the Supreme Factory. Here they are wanting things from the dairy. I hope they get well soon.


One thought on “Get well soon

  1. Oh I really feel for you Louise, when little ones are poorly all they want is their Mum Thank heavens for Nana’s

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