Lido Ngakau was sick this past week.  A bout of gastroenteritis that lasted 7 days causing bodily expulsions from both ends and resulting in a lethargic miserable boy.  Resented by his healthier more resilient twin who vomited once then bounced back to life.  Ngakau ended up in the isolation unit of the Children’s ward at the hospital.  He got a nasal gastric tube for feeding just like when he was a baby, except this time they had to bind up his hands boxer style to prevent him tugging out his tube.  After 24 hours of tube hydration he bounced back and today is thankfully back to his old rascal self.

2 thoughts on “Ngakau

  1. Poor poor Lido Ngakau and poor you guys…a tough time of you have all been having. I hope some rest and respite from ghastly winter ills is soon on the way. Thinking of you!

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