Watching paint dry

Although we have the huge blackboard wall in the kitchen I want a dedicated board for the weekly menu. If all planned in advance the dinners are totally organized, which means I don’t need to strain the brain too much at the end of each day. So this morning while at home waiting for the AA battery man an the washing machine repair man, I painted up this old print frame ($2 from St Vincent de Paul) with Resene Blackboard paint. Waiting for repair men and watching paint dry.


6 thoughts on “Watching paint dry

  1. what a great idea, lou!
    i’m going to try and do that tomorrow!
    we’ve ended up with takeaways three evenings out of seven this lastweek, for that same reason…have to get back into grocery shopping online again too for all the base pantry/household stock.
    PS we have lido’s woolly hat. there was great excitement when the 3 girls got home and saw another child’s belongings – I think they thought I had another sibling of theirs hiding somewhere in the house…

  2. i love the idea Lou – i saw something similar to your idea in an old house and garden mag. thank u this is going to be my 1st spring project

  3. Nice work! I love this idea, I’d totally poach it if we had somewhere to put one. I inevitably forget our planned meals when I get home starving at the end of the working day, then at the end of the week find myself wondering why we have that head of cauliflower languishing in the fridge!

  4. I too am going to steal this idea. Love it. We have a big funny space in our kitchen that I’ve been walking past thinking, hmmm, what could I put there. I’ve found my answer. Off to the spca shop I go….

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